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Topic : CORPORATE TRASFORMATION Date : 09/02/2021

Rivarossa, ­­­­­­­09.02.2021



Customers / Suppliers      


SUBJECT: Corporate Transformation



We hereby inform you that  as of 09.02.2021 the company Deltagom snc has been transformed into Deltagom SRL. As a result of this change the company name of our company varies from Delta Gom s.n.c. by Morutto Fabrizio to the new:


DELTAGOM s.r.l. a single shareholder


Legal and operational headquarters, tax code and VAT numbers, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and website remain unchanged.


We therefore invite our Customers and our Suppliers, to proceed with the change of the new Company Name on all the tax documents addressed to us as above, and more precisely:


DELTAGOM s.r.l. a single shareholder

Share capital € 70,000.00 i.v. (fully paid-up capital)

Registered office: C.so Duca degli Abruzzi, 80 - 10129 Turin (TO) - ITALY

Operational headquarters: S.da Zoccoli, 20 - 10040 Rivarossa (TO) - ITALY

Tax Code - P.I. 04311740015

Pec: deltagom@ticertifica.it

Recipient code for SDI electronic invoicing: P62QHVQ

Section : news

DELTAGOM s.r.l.  Strada Zoccoli, 20   - 10040 Rivarossa (Torino) Italy  
Tel: (+39) 011.9700126   Fax: (+39) 011.9700127   Vat Code:   IT04311740015   N°REA: TO-637030